Quality Management

Quality Management

Magellan Complete Care of Arizona’s, Quality Management (QM) Program entails a well-rounded process to monitor and evaluate the quality of our services.  The quality management program addresses appropriateness, efficiency, safety, and effectiveness of care and service for our members to ensure they receive the care they deserve.

Magellan aims to focus on opportunities for continuous improvement, providing not only adequate supports for our members but also our providers. Our Quality Management Program works to ensure that all care is required for our members on a timely basis and all needs from physical health to behavioral health are being met. Magellan hold all staff, providers, and contracted entities accountable for quality, promoting a culture of quality throughout our organization and network.

The Quality Management Program addresses all issues related to quality management and quality performance measures to ensure both AHCCCS and Federal compliance.  In an effort to maintain and exceed quality standards, Magellan provides resources for Preventive Care Guidelines, HEDIS, Quality of Care reporting requirements and education, member satisfaction, access and availability. 

If you would like more information around the MCC of AZ Quality Management Program please contact MCCAZQuality@magellanhealth.com.


Reporting Quality of Care Concerns and IADs

The AHCCCS QMS portal is used to report Quality of Care (QOC) concerns and IADs as the occur.  As a contracted provider, please use the QMS portal to report any QOC or IAD incidents that you encounter.

Registration Document: To register for the AHCCCS QMS Portal, please follow the instructions here.  

Portal Instructions: Once you are registered and have access to the QMS Portal, please use the instructions here to submit a QOC or IAD as they occur.


Reporting Seclusion and Restraint Incidents 

State-licensed Behavioral Health Inpatient Facilities (BHIF) and Mental Health Agencies, including Out-of-State facilities that are authorized to use seclusion and restraint (S&R) must report all incidents of S&R to MCC of AZ at the time the incident occurs. Please download the Seclusion and Restraint Reporting Form from our forms page for each individual incident and return the form to MCCAZQuality@magellanhealth.com.