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Medical necessity criteria

After we get your request

MCC of AZ has a review team to be sure you receive medically necessary services. Doctors and nurses are on the review team. Their job is to be sure the treatment or service you asked for is medically needed and right for you. They do this by checking your treatment plan against medically acceptable standards. The standards we use to determine what is medically necessary are not allowed to be more restrictive than those that are used by AHCCCS. Any decision to deny a service authorization request or to approve it for an amount that is less than requested is called an adverse benefit determination (decision). These decisions will be made by a qualified health care professional. If we decide that the requested service is not medically necessary, the decision will be made by a medical or behavioral health professional, who may be a doctor or other health care professional who typically provides the care you requested. You can request the specific medical standards, called clinical review criteria, used to make the decision for actions related to medical necessity.

After we get your request, we will review it under a standard or expedited (fast) review process. You or your doctor can ask for an expedited review if you believe that a delay will cause serious harm to your health. If your request for an expedited review is denied, we will tell you and your case will be handled under the standard review process.